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infinite worth

Everyone has infinite worth, including you, the person reading this. Help us spread the word.

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Infinite Worth

Everyone has Infinite Worth, including you, the person reading this.

How are you going to celebrate #InfiniteWorthWednesday (the day before Thanksgiving)? Here are some ideas to help!

What does it mean to have infinite worth?

It means all humans have worth and value. The worth of a person can’t be measured. Human value is infinite, immeasurably and exceedingly great, unlimited, unbounded, boundless, endless.

Why is it valuable to share this idea of infinite worth with others?

The people you know and come in contact with might not know they have infinite worth. Maybe no one has ever told them they have infinite worth. Maybe they forgot. Maybe they haven’t heard it often enough. Maybe no one has told them lately. Maybe the circumstances of life make them feel less than infinitely worthy. Maybe they don’t realize that their worth is infinite, unlimited, boundless. Everyone has infinite worth, whether they believe it about themselves or not. Everyone has infinite worth, whether we believe it about others or not.

There are not two categories: people of infinite worth and people who are not of infinite worth. There is not a worth continuum that anyone could be placed on, from worthless to infinite worth. Therefore, there is no reason to compare and despair since we are all equal in our infinite worth.

Help us tell everyone that they have infinite worth. Perhaps it’s hard or awkward to say “You have infinite worth” directly to some people. At least treat people as if they have infinite worth – because they do! Perhaps it’s too much of a challenge to tell everyone they have infinite worth. Then start with one person. Tell one person they have infinite worth. Today.


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