Our Mission is for all to know that they have infinite worth. Our goal is to enlist your help in accomplishing the mission because one small organization can’t do it alone. We strive to encourage people to live as if they have infinite worth and to respect the people of infinite worth around them.

This matrix can help explain our core beliefs.

What do you believe and think about yourself and others? Acknowledge that you have infinite worth and everyone has infinite worth.

So what do you do with this knowledge? How do you act now that you know that everyone has infinite worth, including you? Live your life as a person of infinite worth. Respect others because they have infinite worth. Tell others they have infinite worth.


Our Founder’s Story

The idea for the Infinite Worth Movement came from a conference I attended in October 2015. I was enthralled with a presentation about the infinite worth of others.

Even though the presentations had to be brief, I saw an obvious part two that wasn’t addressed at the conference. That is, people need to know that they have infinite worth. I will probably never meet the people the presenter talked about: the homeless people in Los Angeles, the street dependent teen parents in Spokane, WA, the privileged students at prestigious Gonzaga University. It’s noble of me to sit at the conference or sit at home to watch the presentation on YouTube and think, “Those people in the slideshow and presentation have infinite worth.” So what? Do they know they have infinite worth? Realistically, I can’t find them to tell them that. Did the photographers or presenter tell them they have infinite worth? It’s time for me to take massive action!

The Part Two of the infinite worth presentation could be: “Everyone needs to know they have infinite worth.” The three main points would be:

  • Live like you have infinite worth – because you do!
  • Treat others as if they have infinite worth – because they do!
  • Tell people they have infinite worth – because they do! They deserve to know; they need to know.

That’s why InfiniteWorth.org, #InfiniteWorthWednesday, and Infinite Worth products exist. This organization cannot, and should not, be solely responsible for telling every person that their value is infinite, immeasurably and exceedingly great, unlimited, unbounded, and endless. We need to believe it about ourselves and also tell it to others, who for a myriad of reasons might not know it, remember it, or believe it about themselves.

Just as it’s important to explain what this Infinite Worth project isit’s necessary to detail what this Infinite Worth project is NOT.  Although I believe everyone has infinite worth, I’m not trying to:

  • pretend I’m perfect (because I know I’m not!)
  • hide an agenda
  • play God
  • start or lead a cult or religion
  • argue about religion and beliefs
  • say anything negative about anyone’s faith
  • proselytize, convince, or sell anyone who doesn’t believe “Everyone has infinite worth”
  • be hyper-philosophical
  • extrapolate anything or proclaim a trajectory beyond my belief that everyone has infinite worth
  • offend anyone
  • comment on the afterlife or eternal life
  • trademark the nature of love or mystery or grace

Being a totally autonomous organization, there are no affiliations with religious, political, governmental, or philosophical bodies. By this list above, I hope it is obvious that this project is not about me or centered on me. It’s about all of us because all of us have worth beyond measure. I’m just one small voice trying to make this known.

Kelly Clark
Infinite Worth