Choose to embrace your faith and the infinite worth of others

He was belligerent from the moment I answered his “What does it mean to have infinite worth?” question. Like I did for everyone who stopped by the Infinite Worth booth at Valleyfest, I smiled and answered,

“It means all humans have worth and value. The worth of a person can’t be measured. Human value is infinite, immeasurably and exceedingly great, unlimited, unbounded, boundless, endless. We are here to spread a message of love and kindness. We are not affiliated with any organizations and we have no agenda.”

After telling me what religion he was (although I didn’t ask him, or anyone else that weekend), he got really close to my face, toe to toe, ready for a battle I wasn’t interested in fighting. He was incredulous that I would believe and say to people, “Everyone has infinite worth,” unless it was stemming from his religion. In his mind, no one could believe that everyone has infinite worth unless they were believers in his religion. We went round and round about this for a while, as his anger was mounting. I kept my smile and calm demeanor in spite of his harsh talking to.

The summary of his message seemed to be “How dare you proclaim this infinite worth message apart from my religion?”

Instead of his hate converting me to his religion, I eventually suggested we agree to disagree.

The funny thing is I’ve had numerous people from various faiths tell me they love seeing the infinite message proclaimed because it is something they believe and promote in their religion.

“I’m a follower of <insert religion here> and I want to thank you for this infinite worth message! It’s a message we affirm too!

They buy our products and share the message with others because they choose to embrace their faith and the infinite worth of others.

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