Happy tears and the four simple words

When RM read the plain and simple, black and white message at the Infinite Worth booth at Valleyfest, her whole demeanor changed in an instant. Happy tears began to well up in her eyes when I encouraged her with the four simple words of our message written on the banner at our booth, “Everyone has infinite worth.” She was so joyous when she explained that those words were just what she needed to hear at that moment. Things had been rough for her lately so she had forgotten about her own immeasurably great value. I gave her two You Have Infinite Worth silicone bands – one to keep to remind herself, and a second band to give away to a friend who may have forgotten about their limitless value. I hugged my new friend. At the end of the Valleyfest weekend, we agreed that meeting each other and sharing the infinite worth message was the best part of the whole event.

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