He was rude and selfish! And had infinite worth?

When I pulled up to the line at the gas station, I noticed that one of cars in front of me was stopped at the pump but the car’s driver wasn’t pumping gas. He was casually sitting in his car, talking on his phone, oblivious to or ignoring the growing line of cars. When the pump behind Rude Man became available, I pulled in, got out to pump my gas, and began to watch another waiting customer and Rude Man argue in front of me, outside of their vehicles. As much as I wanted to jump into the feud and ventilate about how selfish Rude Man was, I chose instead to grit my teeth and think, “Even Rude Man has infinite worth” and “I’m going to conduct myself as a person of infinite worth, even if I don’t really want to.” Although Rude Man was acting self-centered at the gas station, he still has infinite worth. At that moment he just wasn’t choosing to use his value for good or to be kind to others.

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