I felt sorry for those screamed-at kids

The small campground was nearly empty in the middle of the day. It was a warm summer day so I guessed that most of the campers were at the nearby lake or hiking up to the waterfall. With almost no one around as I walked by, it was easy to hear every word the woman was screeching at the group of children around her. The offenses listed were minor, certainly not worthy of such a loud and humiliating tongue lashing. If this was how she treated these young kids in public, I wonder how she treated them in private, when no one was around. I wanted to run to those kids, hug each one of them, and declare, “You have infinite you and you have infinite worth and …” In their few short years of life, how often have they been told they have infinite worth? Have they ever been told they have infinite worth? I sure hope so! And to the screaming woman, I would imagine she hasn’t been reminded of her limitless value much lately, if at all. Ever? I kept on walking past them but thought that infinite worth could change their hearts, actions, and words.

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