On being thankful for the infinite worth of others

On #Thanksgiving Day, try telling someone you see with that they have infinite worth. Even if they are a stranger or family. Even if your infinite worth message seems to splat. Respect the infinite worth of each person.

On #BlackFriday, when you are amongst the throngs of shoppers, challenge yourself to tell at least one stranger that day that they have infinite worth. Perhaps it’s the frazzled retail clerk who would rather be home with his family or the impatient person in front of you in a long line. In the Black Friday frenzy, certainly conduct yourself as a person of infinite worth who is surrounded by people of infinite worth.

On #SmallBusinessSaturday, when you are shopping locally, tell a store owner, manager, or worker that they have infinite worth. Thank them for being a vital part of your community.

On #CyberMonday, order a gift to surprise someone who has infinite worth. When you (or Amazon) delivers the gift, be sure to include “You have infinite worth” in your words or on a message to the recipient.

On #GivingTuesday, give your time, talents, resources, and/or money to a favorite charity. Be sure to let at least one recipient know they have infinite worth. Don’t forget to remind the not-for-profit employees and volunteers that they have infinite worth too. Tell them you are thankful for the giving work they do.

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