Since everyone has infinite worth, why not give them love?

A zippy new song from Andy Grammer called Give Love has inspiring lyrics. Since everyone has infinite worth, why not give them love?

“my mother was a sunshine soldier” …
“I give love to all of my people
All of my people need love, I give some” …
“So give love” …
“You’re gonna be a light in a cold world
You got extra love pumping up your veins
To my people feeling down and my people feeling empty
I got so much of this love, I gotta give it away” …

What have the artists said about the song?
It’s a song about how my mom taught me to live my life and give love to everybody that I see and meet. She gave super amounts of love. I always say that my mom gave me so much love that I walk around feeling like I have extra to give away. So it’s a kind of song about that.

How did the song come together?
It’s just a good time in the world right now to give some more love. I feel like people need this in their lives.

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