The splat of the infinite worth message

A view of some of the 16 ounces of a delicious fruit smoothie when released from my grip

Before Father’s Day, as I was transporting homemade fresh fruit, veggie, and protein packed smoothies-in-a-bag to my freezer, two of the 8 ounce bags slipped out of my hand. Splat! These beneficial popsicles were supposed to be awesome mini-meals-on-the-go. Splattered 10 feet around the room, those 16 ounces of pre-frozen mush weren’t so appetizing any more.

Something else had fallen flat when released from me that week: my Infinite Worth message to my dad. He glanced at the “You have Infinite Worth” bracelet I was wearing and asked what it said. I proudly showed him my “Everyone has infinite worth” t-shirt I was sporting that day at my daughter’s soccer game too. I could tell by his voice that he didn’t want to hear the message. My dad grumbled something about “…. I bet that is something from that church of yours…” I took the pride out of my voice and admitted, “No, dad. I did this. I made the shirt and silicone band.” This brief conversation ended with his, “Oh.” That was it. I finally got the courage to release the infinite worth message to my dad and it splatted at my feet.

My infinite worth enthusiasm was deflated further when I saw my dad and his girlfriend a few days later. I showed Betty my Infinite Worth bracelet. She remarked that my dad told her about my shirt and silicone band, but he couldn’t remember what they said. To him, everyone’s infinite worth was not memorable. She pleasantly closed the quick dialogue with a “That’s nice.”

But I’m not deterred. I’m still going to release the infinite worth message, even if it may fall flat.

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